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Our Partners Are Part of Our Value

No business can survive today without the help of good partners and at ZAMCO we have great partners! We have six important and unique kinds of partners that we rely on:

  • Customers
  • Processing Partners
  • Hardware Providers
  • Resellers
  • Solution Providers
  • Software and System Integration Partners.

Our most important partner is and always has been our customer base. With a national presence in almost every imaginable industry, we rely on our clients to tell us what they want and need. Our customers look to us for custom programming and integrated solutions that will help them save money, better serve their customers, and improve operational efficiency. The direct input that we receive from our clients is one of the reasons we have been able to successfully expand and grow our business into so many different industry verticals. We attribute a lot of our success to listening to our clients needs.

We also have strong partnerships with processing firms such as banks and credit and debit card processing firms. While we are hardware neutral we have strong relationships with computer, check scanner and hardware companies. These processing and equipment vendor relationships allow us to buy direct and pass the savings on to our clients.

We have developed a strong group of reseller organizations that work with certain unique industry categories and remote geographic regions. Our reseller network in turn relies on us to provide processing, support and customer service so that they can offer the products that they would not normally be able to provide. We help our resellers meet the needs of their customers.

We also rely on our partners to help us meet unusual client requirements. Because of our partners, we are able to offer expanded solutions in areas such as CRM, RFID, POS integration, PPD, and loyalty programs. In many cases, we work in conjunction with clients and partners to combine our payment solutions and expertise into a comprehensive program that meets client needs for solutions that are complimentary to payment processing.

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