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State of the Art Customized Solutions

Our reliable, affordable, and technologically advanced solutions provide the highest quality service in the payments industry. We process all payment types flawlessly; we automate the collections process in a unique way; and our open systems design is integrated into systems in every industry vertical.


Checks, ACH, credit cards, debit cards, WEB, TEL, internet and other types of electronic payments - we handle them all.

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Printing, Mailing & Data Solutions

Unique and customized printing, mailing, data, and payment solutions utilizing mail, email, fulfillment, and transactional processing.

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Open systems .NET platforms allow our clients to deploy customized, comprehensive, flexible payment systems and integrated solutions.

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and Returns

Collections using our unique, proprietary collection process that leverages technology for better results.

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Solutions by Industry

Integrated verification and velocity, flexible deployment of both POS and BOC solutions, and a high rate of successful returned item collection for grocers. »
Convenience / Petroleum
POS check verification, collections and consolidated primary and return processing for convenience and petroleum stores. »
Improved payment processing efficiency plus integration and flexible deployment for pharmacies across the nation. »
Retail - Other
Efficient payment solutions for other retailers, regardless of the product or store type. »
Catalog and eCommerce
Fast, reliable, secure and customized payment processing for catalog and eCommerce businesses. »
Eliminate opening envelopes and manual payment sorting. Automate existing processes and allow new forms of payment. Customized web payment solutions for insurance companies. Make the web pay a premium to your business. »

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