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Article Check 21 Overview

Payment Processing and Lockbox Solutions

The ZipPay™ system captures check information in any environment including: single & multi-lane register confgurations or in the back offce. We provide: Check conversion, Check imaging, remote deposit capture, remittance processing, lockbox processing, and customized verifcation and velocity. When ZipPay™ is combined with Zamco Collect not only will you realize cost savings and improved effciency but you will generate new revenue.

Lockbox Solutions       E-Billing Solutions       Checks       Electronic Payments       Credit and Debit Cards

Lockbox Solutions

Let Zamco accelerate your funds availability and simply receivables processing through our effecient and technologically advanced retail lockbox services. Our lockbox services can help you:

  • Reduce over head costs
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Streamline your entire payments process
  • Accelerate funds availability
  • Get detailed online reporting
  • Better satisfy your customers

E-Billing Solutions

Zamco can provide the most complete and comprehensive electronic billing solutions on the market today. We will work with you to reduce your billing process costs while providing a completely customized solution using our proprietary paper and online billing services. You will:

  • Reduce your invoicing costs
  • Increase your invoice effectiveness
  • Get paid faster
  • Better satisfy your customers
  • Help drive revenues


Check processing is an important part of any enterprise payment strategy. You need to be able to accept all forms of payment that your customers may want to use. And, you need to control risk and limit costly and time consuming returns. Check Image processing (which includes check conversion to ACH) offers extraordinary benefits to businesses of all sizes. ZipPay™ makes it possible for everyone to take advantage of this technology.

The ZipPay™ system captures check information in any environment from single & multi-lane register configurations to the back office. We provide check conversion, check imaging, remote deposit capture, remittance processing, lockbox processing, and customized verification and velocity. When ZipPay™ is combined with Zamco Collect you'll have a strategic enterprise-level payment solution that will save you money, save you time, and generate new revenue.

ZipPay™ Capabilities
  • Integrated Point-Of-Sale (POS)&(POP)
  • Back Office Conversion (BOC)
  • ARC or mailed in payment processing
  • PPD or Monthly Recurring Payments
  • Telephone and other Electronic Checks
  • Check and Account Verification and Velocity
  • Check guarantee programs
  • Zamco Collect Payment Collections and return item processing
  • Legacy Payment Systems Integration
  • Web Information Reporting Environment (WIRE™)
Benefits of using Check Image Conversion
  • No more handling of checks, with electronic and automated deposit processing
  • Lowers the cost of operations and deposits
  • No more trips to the bank to make a check deposit
  • Extended deposit cut-off times
  • Single data site of shared check information
  • Instant access to check image research
  • Consolidated bank relationships
  • Faster funds availability
  • Easy to implement and easy to use

ZAMCO's check processing solution covers all facets of check processing in a single application. ZipPay™ is your gateway to the electronic payments platform. This solution, as with all ZAMCO services, integrates into our consolidated return and collection process called Zamco Collect. ZipPay™ is your single source solution for originating POP, ARC, RCK, BOC, PPD, WEB, TEL and Check 21 transactions in a single or multi-lane environment. ZipPay™ also provides BOC.

ZipPay™ provides the framework for you to originate these transactions while simultaneously performing verification and check image capture - all in seconds. If your organization requires a check guarantee program, ZAMCO can provide this service as well. With ZipPay™, you can view your transactions and images locally or through our secure online reporting tool (WIRE™).


ACH / Electronic Payments

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic network for facilitating financial transactions for virtually every type of business or entity in the US. ZAMCO offers ACH to our clients as direct debit - and credit - transfers that include everything from purchases at stores and consumer payments on insurance premiums, to mortgage remittance and other kinds of bills. Businesses are also increasingly using ACH to collect payment from customers online, rather than accepting credit or debit cards.

Complete line of ACH products and services
  • BOC payments
  • ARC or mailed in, Lockbox payment processing
  • RCK processing
  • PPD, PAD and recurring payments
  • TEL and other phone payments
  • WEB and other phone payments and services
  • Integrated Point-Of-Sale (POS)& (POP) transactions
  • WIRE™ reporting Web Information Reporting Environment

ACH payments are efficient, affordable, they are time tested and have proven to be a very reliable way for merchants, businesses, and consumers to do business. ACH transactions can be created by converting physical items such as checks into this form of payment. ACH transactions allow for rapid clearance and settlement and are often the most affordable transaction option for a business.

Benefits and Advantages of the ZAMCO ACH Solution
  • Automates and streamlines the payment process
  • Automates most accounting operations
  • Reduces or eliminates most bank fees
  • Automates the deposit process
  • Faster funds availability
  • Keep your current banking relationship
  • Legacy payment systems integration

Credit and Debit Cards

ZAMCO offers the most unique and flexible credit card and debit card processing solution available today.

Credit card processing takes many forms in today's economy. As a business operator you must offer payment flexibility to your clients. However, due to the variety of card types that you must accept you are subject to numerous and burdensome processing charges and rules.

ZAMCO can take the headache out of your payment processing by streamlining the procedures, implementation and support. Regardless of the kind of card that your customer uses at your store, website, or over the phone ZAMCO will make sure that it is processed efficiently and affordably.

Industry Processing Expertise

Some unique characteristics of credit card handling change the processing model in different industries. At ZAMCO we have experience processing credit cards for all industry types including:

  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Mail Order and Catalogue
  • Telephone Orders
  • Lodging
  • Hospitality
  • Petroleum
  • Convenience Store
  • eCommerce
  • Professional Services
Credit Card and Debit Card Processing

We process all forms of credit cards including:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover cards
  • Debit Cards through the appropriate ATM network
Debit Card Processing
  • Access to the ATM network for debit card POS, clearance and settlement
  • No interchange fees for debit card processing
  • Multiple network access
  • Tiered and affordable pricing model
Benefits of ZAMCO Credit and Debit Card Processing
  • The most unique and affordable pricing model available in the industry today
  • Preserve your existing hardware investment by converting current devices
  • Purchase, rent or leasing options for hardware
  • Website credit card processing expertise including payment pages, site design and seamless integration to your website.
  • Integrated Point-Of-Sale (POS)& (POP) transactions
  • WIRE™ reporting - Web Information Reporting Environment. On demand and in depth reporting of all activity

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