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Catalog and eCommerce Solutions


Our catalog clients rely on us to verify that the payments they receive are good- before they ship merchandise. With our ability to customize applications and solutions to meet clients' needs we are able to do this. Our customers get paid and have virtually eliminated their returned items and bad debt.

We provide lockbox, check processing, credit card, and remittance processing. Our catalog clients also use our solutions to accept payment information over the phone or from their websites.


The internet has revolutionized how we shop and purchase goods and services. Ironically, while the shopping experience is 'high-tech' the behind the scenes payment processing has usually been expensive, problematic, and generally 'low tech'.

ZAMCO has developed on-line payment solutions that include shopping carts, registration pages, payment confirmation notices and on-line activity reporting. We integrate payment processing to your website, we develop pages that perfectly match your standards for graphics, colors and navigation and we provide secure, fast, and affordable payment processing.

We can make your website a payment portal in only a few short days because we meet the payment needs of business.

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